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About us

What if you didn’t have to worry about your company’s accounting …? What if you didn’t have to worry about whether and when the Revenue and Customs will call for inspection? What if you didn’t have to find out about accounting changes from random articles on the Internet? What if you didn’t have to make accounting-related decisions on the spot …?

An accounting office is so much more than just a place to “store” invoices – efficient accounting services can affect the development of any business considerably and push it to the next level.

Can cooperation with an accounting office be comfortable, pleasant and at the same time professional …?
Trust us and see for yourself that it is possible!

Here at Starlit, we have been providing accounting services for companies, associations, charities and self-employed for several years. Our team consists of over a dozen specialists – committed, helpful, with broad knowledge and interests. The fact that our team members like each other, both at work and in private, has a considerable impact not only on the atmosphere in the office, but also on the quality of customer service!

Thanks to the online flow of documents, all of your matters can be dealt with remotely. Each client has a dedicated account manager who perfectly knows the specifics of his/her area of expertise and is able to advise what elements of your business can be optimized. Here at Starlit, we use the most modern tools for accounting offices (including enova) – as they allow us to offer the most comprehensive solutions for each business and meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients.

If you are looking for an accounting partner, choose only the best! If you give recommendations, give only proven ones!

In addition to performing daily duties related to running a company, we actively operate in business communities and networking groups – incl. BNI.

BNI is an international business organization that has been operating for almost 40 years. Ever since BNI opened its branch in Poland in 2006 it has been constantly developing. Currently, BNI associates 2,500 companies from the SMEs sector and is present in 30 cities. Joanna Olczyk from Starlit is the President of the BNI NORTH group.


They have already trusted us. It’s time for you!


Very helpful employees characterized by high personal culture and extensive knowledge are always ready to help, they are up to date with current legal regulations. They approach the encountered obstacles with due commitment and unusual problems are always quickly solved. Cooperation with Starlit has always been smooth and trouble-free, which is why I consider Starlit to be a reliable and recommendable partner for accounting.
Tomasz Wilczyński - CEO

Stowarzyszenie OTWARTE KLATKI

We started cooperation with Starlit Accounting sp. z o. o. at an important moment for the further development of our initiative. The accounting support provided by the company was immediate, comprehensive and fully reliable. Thanks to Starlit, we have also implemented a modern ERP enova, which supports e.g. operation of our online store.

Paweł Rawicki – vice-chairman of Organisation

WEBINI Sp. z o.o.

Our online platforms are dynamic, changing and constantly learning. For accounting topics, we were looking for a company that could keep up with us and finally we found Starlit.

Over the last three years, Starlit has helped us: put out crisis situations, carry out even difficult processes, and implement current topics. It didn't take long for Starlit to convince us of the advantages of enova365. Thanks to it, we enter cost invoices into the system on an ongoing basis and issue sales invoices. The enova software allows you to view what is happening in the company in terms of costs, repayments and invoice payments.

Damian Maślej - CEO

Sole proprietor

I would like to thank the STARLIT company for professional and very quick service in the field of support in the event of errors in the income tax settlement before the Tax Office in Warsaw. After contacting Starlit, I received immediate support and help. (…) No unnecessary questions, long waiting times, and the cost for such a service is below expectations.

Jakub Jarzyński


They are in charge of accounting services for the ltd company, helped us with polish documents. They also verified our books from previous years and also helped us with finding a lawyer.

The most important strength of Starlit Acc. sp. z o.o. include excellent ability to organize time, loyalty, creativity and systematic. Written records led to a high level. Thanks to their precision we have on the accuracy of the documents could always rely on.

Mr. An Keun Kim — CEO

Limited Liability Company

I have been cooperating with Starlit for only a few months, and I strongly recommend it. 

The great advantage of cooperation is timeliness and availability in case of problems with documents. If you want to manage your finances more economically, the company will advise you on how to do it (including using international solutions). Starlit corrected me many mistakes from the previous year, from the time when I had accounting in another company.

Kacper Górski - CEO

PMTH Sp. z o. o.

I can definitely say that Starlit is a reliable business partner. The company is characterized by punctuality and flexibility of operation. In the case of our sector, this is an invaluable asset.

Day-to-day cooperation with Starlit covers the critical areas of PMTH's operation. The company handles audits, provides services in the field of bonds and bills of exchange, creates a system of statistics on trade in goods - INTRASTAT, settles the import and export of goods, as well as multi-currency transactions.

Roman Cisek - CEO

Stowarzyszenie OLYMPIC WROCŁAW

Starlit współpracuje z nami w zakresie kompleksowej obsługi księgowej i obsługi kadrowo-płacowej. Usługi realizowane są rzetelnie i terminowo. Profesjonalna obsługa, miła atmosfera współpracy i prowadzenie dokumentacji z najwyższą starannością powodują, że możemy polecić Firmę Starlit jako rzetelnego partnera w zakresie usług księgowych.

Konrad Łągiewczyk — Wiceprezes Zarządu